(W) Larsen, Christine (A) Larsen, Christine (C) Boo, Sweeney
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* For fans of The Adventure Zone and Critical Role- meet Bog and his misfit crew of Orcs as they adventure through the Known World courtesy of acclaimed cartoonist Christine Larsen (Adventure Time). * After being banished from their Orcish village by King Hrograhgah (it was a simple misunderstanding- involving an acorn-related prank!)- Bog and his crew venture out into the world to seek their fortune- and hopefully find their way back home again. * Tag along with Bog- Zep- Pez- Utzu and Gurh as they venture through the dreaded Eerieasallhel Forest- face off against Trolls- Gnomes- squirrels and more- and follow in the footsteps of the legendary Orc hero- Drod One-Eye! * Every issue of Orcs! is oversized- featuring more than 30 story pages.

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ORCS #1 (OF 5) SWEENEY BOO VAR ED (02/10/2021)

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