Future State

Future State

DC Future State moves the entire DC Universe further—in some cases, much further—forward in time, taking its biggest icons along for the ride. 

Expect massive changes for Diana of Themyscira, Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne in Future State: Immortal Wonder WomanFuture State: Superman: Worlds of War, and Future State: Dark Detective

There’s also a new trinity in the form of brand-new character Yara Flor, star of Future State: Wonder Woman; Clark’s son Jonathan Kent taking up his father’s mantle in Future State: Superman of Metropolis; and Future State: The Next Batman, with someone entirely different under the cowl who shall not be named—at least, not yet. 

It’s a daunting task to not only imagine bold, futuristic updates for three of the most famous characters in pop culture, but also reinvent them from the ground up—thankfully, DC enlisted some of the greatest artists in comics to help bring them to life.  

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